Roller Blinds

Roller blinds can be a great way to compliment the style of your room or Office.

They are very simple to operate, the blind can be rolled up or down to allow as much or as little light in as you wish. Roller blinds can have a patterned finish or chosen from one of our many colours and designs.

As well as being stylish, roller blinds are very practical. With our advanced fabrics we can create “black out” for bedrooms to block out all light – Cassette Roller Blinds are the perfect solution for environments such as optical laboratories, photographic laboratories and other areas where total darkness is required. The roller blind is concealed within an aluminium head box, the edges of the fabric run in aluminium side channels and the bottom bar locates into an aluminium bottom channel, all to ensure there is no light penetration around the blind. The most popular fabric is a wipe clean PVC blackout fabric but a range of alternative blackout fabrics are available. Operation is by means of side chain, crank handles or electric.

Screens, perfect for eliminating the glare from the Sun. Ideal for offices. For Bathrooms and Clinical areas we can supply water resistant wipe-able roller blinds for optimum hygiene. Particularly useful for offices and Schools with many roller blinds we can offer electrically operated blinds that work with a remote control that can control individual blinds or up to 15 at the same time. You can chose from the permanently wired option or the battery powered option that lasts approximately 9 months and then can be plugged in to charge up again. Very convenient and doesn’t need any new wiring in to the building. Also available now: Solar panels. Small solar panels fitted up behind the roller to trickle charge the battery so that it doesn’t need charging (direct sunlight is not necessary)

“one touch” roller blinds are and innovative and completely child safe motorised solution for the home: No operating cord is required since the blinds are operated from the touch of a button using a stylish wand that sits neatly at the edge of the blind or with a remote control (see video) Roller blinds installed where younger children are around will be made child safe with cleats installed for peace of mind. All of our roller blinds are custom made to suit your needs. You can be assured that our friendly and helpful team will install them to the highest standards.

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